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- Pneumatic Conveying -

Whisper Loaders are self-contained conveying systems that work automatically to maintain a constant material level in storage bins or receiving hoppers which are located above linear net weighing scales or product feeders/counters.

Each self contained system operates on a batch principle. The duration (time) of conveying and dump cycles are pre-determined by adjustable timers.

Ideal for use over F-99 Scales!

Detailed Photos of Whisper Loader Pneumatic Conveyors:

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The most compact of the Whisper Loader family. It's size and capacity make it ideal for the smaller molding and extruding machines.


The most flexible unit in the WHISPER Loader family. Its size offers the most versatility, and is available in a variety of models including power receivers, proportional loading, vibra-pulse, and InterBlend. The Model SC1500 includes, as a standard, a remote mounted electrical control panel and twelve (12) feet of electrical connector cables.


The powerhouse of the WHISPER Loader line. It has the largest motor conveying capacity, making this loader ideal for larger molding and extruding machines.

Remote Control Panel

Remote mounted electrical control panels are standard on Models SC1500 and SC1750, and is optional on the SC1250.

Whisper Loader Pneumatic Conveyors

  • Automatic high level control of the process hopper is accomplished by the use of a proximity switch
  • Each Whisper Loader operates as a self-contained, stand alone system
  • Di-Ac (Diaphram Action) automatic filter cleaning action
  • 12 volt power, pre-wired with power cords
  • Electrical control panel, solid state PLC control circuit board with adjustable timers, run and maintenance indicator lights, built-in circuit breaker overload protection, and a twelve (12) foot power cord
  • Sound attenuation cone, (standard on SC1500 and SC1750 models)
  • Vacuum motor with quick disconnect for easy removal
  • Ten (10) feet of PVC flexible conveying hose, with pick-up lance
  • Spun and welded aluminum construction

  • The Vibra-Pulse (VP) models come equipped with a filter cleaning system for dusty product conveying using pulses of air automatically released as required, by pre-determined timers and electrical solenoids. A variety of filter medias are available to accommodate varying dust levels.
  • Proportional Loaders (PL) allows alternating conveying of two (2) different materials
  • Interblend (IB) models incorporate static internal blending to prevent layering, when blending two products
  • Whisper Loader Model SC125XT: a taller version of the SC1250, allows for a larger material capacity
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Higher Power Central Power Systems use blowers to convey you materials over longer distances and at higher feed rates.  Blowers can be located remotely to reduce noise level and save space.
  • Mounting to Scales and Hoppers Pneumatic Conveyors can be mounted to the supply hoppers of our Filling Scales for fast, automatic filling of products like coffee, chemicals, resins, pellets, ...

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