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Pre-owned HRS Hand Rotary Sealer - Models "F" & "G"

The Continuous Rotary Hand Sealer is designed for simple, versatile sealing of bulky and unique packages.  It was developed in response to some of the unusual sealing problems encountered by military, government and overseas packagers.

We typically have pre-owned HRS units equipped with both the "Model F" - Flat Seal -  & "Model G" - Double-grooved Seal - Sealing Rollers.

BaggingGuys also offers NEW Rotary Hand Sealers!  Call us for New or Pre-owned Prices!

Designed with economy in mind - If used carefully, this sealer is capable of delivering an airtight seal which can meet MIL Specifications for laminate materials.

This sealer is commonly used by packagers who do not need the precision of, or cannot justify investment in, the Doboy HS-BII Portable Rotary  Sealer.

Pre-owned Model HRS - Handheld Rotary Heat Sealer Photo
Pre-owned Model HRS Handheld Rotary Heat Sealer

Detailed Photos

Pre-owned HRS - Model F - Flat Seal with Teflon Option - Serial # 23015

Model F Rotary Hand Sealer - Main View
Model F Hand Sealer
Model F Rotary Hand Sealer - Right-hand Side View
Right Side View
Model F Rotary Hand Sealer - Left-hand Side View
Left Side View
Model F Rotary Hand Sealer - Bottom View
Bottom View
Model F Rotary Hand Sealer - Infeed End View
Infeed View
Model F Rotary Hand Sealer - Discharge End View
Teflon Detail

Machine Features

  • Pre-owned, but in Good, Operational Condition
  • Designed for Handheld, Continuous Sealing Laminated Packaging Materials
  • Operator propelled: Operator Slides Sealer Over Area to be Sealed
  • Rounded Infeed for Easy Feeding of Materials
  • Two 1" Wide x 8.5" Long Heater Bars for 1" Wide - FLAT - Seal (See roller photo)
  • Two 1.5" Diameter x 1" Wide Sealing Rolls - Compresses Heated Area
  • Form-fit Handle with Kink Eliminator and Strain Relief
  • Adjustable Thermostat for 200-500°F Temperature Control
  • Pilot Light to Indicate when Sealer has Reached Temperature Set-point
  • Speed is Operator & Material Dependent, but can be as quick as 400 inches-per-minute
  • Pressure Roll Adjustment Knob to Adjust Seal Quality for Different Materials
  • Heavy-duty, Light-Weight Aluminum Construction

Options / Accessories

  • Handle Saver (Helps Prevent Handle Mount from Breaking if Operator is Careless)
  • Side Carrying Handle (New)

Machine Specifications

Seal Width
1" Maximum
Seal Length
Seal Pattern
Flat or Double-Groove
Machine Weight
7 lbs
Shipping Dimensions
18" x 12" x 13"
Electrical (NEMA 1)
115 V / 60 Hz / Single Phase