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Heat  Sealing  Equipment  for  Mil-Spec &  Industrial  Bag  Packaging  Applications

ZP-300P Tabletop Bagger

The ZP-300P bagging system is the ideal bagging system for creating, filling, and sealing bags made from barrier film tubing such as polyester, metallized polyester, foil, nylon, anti-static, and polypropylene. With its patented process, it allows users to economically create packaging that provides a vapor or moisture barrier, keeping the product inside fresh and protected!

The Zing-Pac bagger excels at bagging coffee (beans and ground), medical components, anti-static packaging, filter packs, nuts, bolts, screws, hardware, parts, snack foods, toys, parts kits, Mil-Spec packaging, candy, electronics, cookies, ...

ZP-300P Zing Pac Bagger Photo
Typical ZP-300P Bagger Shown

Machine Features

  • Seals Barrier Films that Autobaggers will NOT!
  • Works with Mil-Spec Tubing like Mil-B-131, Anti-static material, and foil coffee pouches
  • Uses Pre-made Tubing on Rolls
  • Makes Bags: Automatically Cuts Bag to Length & Opens for Filling
  • Stainless Steel Funnel: Available in a Variety of Sizes
  • Compact Size: Designed with a Small Footprint
  • Simple Netbook (included) User Interface / Controls: Includes Job Storage, Counting, etc.
  • Efficient - Fast than Manual Operations with Pre-made Bags
  • Economical: Priced well below VFFS Machines & Pre-made Baggers!
  • Quick Changeover: Average Changeover Time is Five Minutes!
  • Warranty: One-year Warranty on Parts
  • Easy Integration with Automatic Feeding Systems

Options / Accessories

  • Support Stand for Non-Tabletop Use
  • Thermal Transfer and Hot Stamp Printers
  • Automatic Parts Counting and Feeding Systems
  • Vent-tape Applicator - adds de-gassing valve to seal area
  • Tear-Notch Applicator - Adds tear notch for easy packaging opening
  • Eye-Mark Sensor
  • Bag Deflator / Seal Flattener
  • Foot Pedal
  • Adjustable Product Shelf
  • Articulating and Actuating Funnels
  • Integration with Auger Fillers, Net Weigh Scales, and Piston Fillers (for Liquid, Paste, Cream)
  • 220/240 Volt Electrics

Machine Specifications

Film Gauge
1.5 to 4 mil
Feed Rate
18" / Second
Cycle Rate
Up to 30 bags / min*
Seal Bar
Bag Width Range
1" to 8"
Bag Length Range
3" to Unlimited
Product Pass Through
20" x 23" x 31"
Machine Weight
77 pounds
Interface, Loading Funnel, Guards, Manual
80 PSI
110 V / 60 Hz / 5 A

* Dependent on Bag Length as well as Film and Product Characteristics