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Heat  Sealing  Equipment  for  Mil-Spec &  Industrial  Bag  Packaging  Applications

Semi-Automatic L-Bar Sealers with Heat Shrink Tunnels

Damark SM Series L-bar Sealers and ST Series Heat Shrink Tunnels are used to quickly seal your products in heat shrink film.  L-bar sealers are often used for sealing trays, bundles,  stacks, and individual items.

Typical applications include: Prepared Foods, Compact Disks, Software, Consumer Products, Poster board, Picture Frames, Paper Products, 2-for-1 and Promotional Packages, Beverage multi-packs, Trays of Meat and Dairy Products, etc.


Standard Features

  • Heavy-duty Welded Tubular Steel Frame - Built to Last
  • State-of-the-Art Electronic Controls
  • Twin Electro-Magnetic Hold-downs
  • Adjustable, Raise/Lower Seal Area
  • Built-in Storage Shelves for Additional Roll Storage
  • Automatic Takeaway on Most Models
  • Engineered to Permit Future Add-ons and Upgrades
  • Available in 16" x 20", 22" x 28" Standard Seal Sizes
  • Special Seal Sizes Up to 50" x 120"
  • Works with ALL SHRINK FILMS!


  • Heavy-duty Welded Tubular Steel Frame
  • Heavy-duty Casters for Portability
  • 3200 to 9600 Watt Models Available
  • Proportional Temperature Control with Maximum 2°C Fluctuation
  • Energy-Watch Insulation Keeps Heat in Chamber
  • Available Standard Openings 16" x 9",  16"H x 10" H, and 22" W x 10" H
  • Special Tunnels Sizes for Products Up to 50" Wide!

Options / Accessories

  • Power Film Unwind
  • Roller and Air Table Infeeds
  • Roller Type Discharge Conveyor
  • Teflon Blind System for Polyethylene Film
  • Two and Three Film Roll Holders
  • Pneumatically Operated Seal Heads
  • Pneumatically Operated Up/Down Adjustment on Discharge Conveyor
  • Vacuum Scrap Removal System
  • Polymer Link and Silicone Live Roller Conveyors
  • Special Paint Finishes
  • Special Electric Configurations

L-Bar Sealer Specifications

Seal Area Available Up to 50" x 120"
Speed 10-25+ / min
Max Film Width Varies
Machine Width x Length Varies
Machine Height Varies
Shipping Weight (Pounds) Varies
Pneumatic Watch for Details!
Electrical Varies, Typically 220 V / 60 Hz

Need Larger or Faster sealing capacity?

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