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Heat  Sealing  Equipment  for  Mil-Spec &  Industrial  Bag  Packaging  Applications

5500 Air Packer (for valve-style bags)

The Model 5500 Air Valve Bag Packer uses compressed air to fluidize and convey granular, pellet, dry, and fine powder products into Valve-Style bags.

The 5500 is commonly used for materials like cement, mortar, sand, resins, plastic pellets, bread crumbs, corn meal, cracker meal, milk powder, and many other products packaged in valve bags!

Free product testing is available to determine if an air packer is right for your valve bag operation.

The 5500 can be used in single or dual-spout configurations - with manual of fully-automatic bag hanging!

Bemis Thiele 5500 Air Packer Photo

Machine Features

  • 3.5 cu. ft., 30" x 14" OD Mild Steel Air Chamber
  • Cross Flex Beam Scale Pivots Have No Wear Points
  • Scale Beam Dashpot to Dampen Vibration
  • Rugged Steel Stand with Adjustable Bag Discharge Saddle
  • Pneumatic Bag Clamp
  • Constant or Intermittent Fluidizing Air
  • Lower Chamber Cleanout Door
  • Dust Collection Shroud
  • 2" to 2.75" OD Filling Pinch Tube Options
  • Made in the USA

Options / Accessories

  • Digital Electronic Weigh System with Strain Gauge Load Cell
  • Automatic Start with Pneumatic Bag Discharge
  • Low Pressure Fluidizing Blower
  • Variety of Pressure Chamber Sizes and Shapes
  • Pressure Chamber Ventilation
  • Two Stage Filling
  • Automatic Bag Discharge (Flat or V-shape Saddle)
  • Stainless Steel Product Contact Parts

Machine Specifications

Product Types
Granular, Pellet, Fine Powder
Feed Method
Air / Pneumatic
Spout Size
3" to 6"
Bag Length
16" to 36" OAL
Weighment Range
20 to 110 Pounds
Accuracy **
+/- 1 to 4 oz
Speed (Maximum**)
Up to 10 BPM**
Overall Width
Overall Depth
Overall Height
Machine Weight
Approx. 1,150 lbs (567 kg)
0.75 CFM @ 80 PSI
Electrical (NEMA 12 Standard)
115 V / 60 Hz / Single Phase

*  formerly Bemis Packaging Machinery Company

** Accuracy and Speeds vary with Product Characteristics (Call for a product evaluation)